Suzanne & Andy ~ Moxhull Hall Hotel


Well folks,  it felt like summer was officially over on Suzanne & Andy’s wedding day, 21st September 2017…  Late summer weddings are not always warm and sunny! It’s challenging and sometimes a lot of fun for the photographer at a wet wedding to come up with ways of maximising the surroundings and making the most of the situation.    At the end of the day, it’s one of the only things you can’t control and you can’t be worrying about wet weather, hopefully there’s always a break in the rain so we can just run outside and grab a few shots whenever we can!  So at Suzanne & Andy’s wedding at the beautiful Moxhull Hall Hotel the good old British weather decided to give us a good soaking… When I arrived at Suzanne’s home it had really started to come down, but her spirits weren’t to be dampened because today was her wedding day.  We had great fun photographing her getting ready with her sister, and she told me childhood stories of the house she was not only born in, but still proudly lives in today.  Andy was in just as good spirits when I arrived at Moxhull too… If these guys had any nerves at all, they did a marvellous job of hiding them.  Due to the heavy rain the outdoor ceremony in Calliope’s Garden unfortunately wasn’t to be but they still had a beautiful ceremony inside the stunning main house at Moxhull Hall.   After the nuptials and the celebratory hugs and kisses I was disappointed to see, the rain was still coming down BUT luckily these guys were absolute legends and refused to let a bit of water ruin their day! You don’t book a wedding ceremony at Moxhull Hall and then not take advantage of the stunning surroundings!  So, equipped with some brollies we took a walk and managed to capture some lovely photographs of the happy couple and the Bridal Party, and how lucky were we when the rain suddenly decided to stop…. albeit just for a short time… We took full advantage of this and managed to get all our groups outside too!!!   We laughed all afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Suzanne & Andy’s big day, by the end I felt like one of the family.  Despite the pesky rain I think everyone will agree it was a wonderful day.  Thank you Suzanne & Andy for choosing me to photograph your very special day, the pleasure was all mine.  Here’s to a long and happy married life together.

A big thank you to Gary and all his staff at Moxhull Hall, a pleasure as always