Leean & James ~ New Hall Hotel

East meets West for Leean & James as they tied the knot on the 10th March 2018.  They embraced a traditional church wedding at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church followed by their reception at the very English New Hall Hotel.   This wedding was really exciting for me, not only had I never met the Bride and Groom until the actual day of the wedding but I got to meet people from all around the world, USA, China & Australia just to name a few, as well as the familiar faces of the Bestman and his wife who’s wedding I had photographed a few years ago.  They tackled snow storms in the States and the Beast from the East here in the UK to come all this way to celebrate with them in a very English wedding, there were lots of firsts for everyone.  Leean and James met in New York,  which is where they now live and work.  Leean is originally from China and James a local boy from Sutton Coldfield.  James’ parents and sister Sarah arranged everything from this side of the pond and Leean’s parents bought her wedding dresses (She had a few haha) and Bridesmaids dresses all the way from China.  Leean didn’t even see her gown until the day before the wedding!  It really was a smashing day and I hit it off with the happy couple from the get go.   Leean was like a bottle of pop, I loved her energy which was infectious.  James beamed from ear to ear all day, constantly kissing her hand or the top of her head ♥  Father Michael gave a lovely service with funny little stories which included chopsticks and everything!   Before long everyone made their way to New Hall Hotel.  You couldn’t get more perfectly English if you tried, a real treat for our friends from over seas.  As you will see below we had great fun with everyone capturing some beautiful moments throughout the day.  Although the weather was a little wet nothing would dampen the spirits of our happy couple.  After a beautiful meal in the Garden Pavilion we were treated to quite a few speeches.  What I really loved was that everything had been translated to Chinese on the screen behind for those who didn’t speak our native tongue.  Leean quite often whispered the jokes to her parents, it must have been quite an eye opener for them as an English wedding is very different from a Chinese one.  After a change of dress for Leean the happy couple made their way back outside for some evening photography, fun with torches instead of sparklers (Fab idea James, I am really chuffed with the results).  Then it was time to cut the cake and kick off those shoes for a bit of a boogie.  It really had been a wonderful day and we met some great people.  Thank you Leean and James for choosing us to capture your very special day.  Here’s to a long and happy life together.

Thank you to New Hall Hotel for all your hard work, a pleasure as always