Mary & Lee ~ Moxhull Hall Hotel


I first met Mary & Lee two and a half years ago and I couldn’t quite believe their wedding had come around quite so quickly! They were both equally excited about the big day and I was really looking forward to seeing all their plans come together.  So it was back to one of my favourite venues on Thursday 22nd February 2018, Moxhull Hall, to photograph their big day, and BOY was it a cold one.  With “The Beast From The East” heading our way temperatures had plummeted,  it still however ended up being a lovely afternoon.  The bright glaring sun was low in the sky and the snowdrops danced in the woodland,  I am happy to say Mary & Lee braved the weather just long enough for me to capture some stunning shots…. But hold on a bit…. I am jumping ahead of myself.  Rewind a few hours to a room full of Bridesmaids happily getting ready, and a stunning Bride relaxing with a glass of the good bubbly stuff whilst the very talented Katy Bird applied her make up. Mary’s beautiful gown hung in the Bridal Suite and her entourage of ladies, including Best Friends, Nieces and of course her beautiful daughter Selina, helped our Bride with her final preparations for the big day.  Meanwhile downstairs a very relaxed Lee, his Bestman Stephen and Ushers were having a little drink themselves, keeping him calm with their jokes and banter, I knew we were in for some fun.  Mary & her very proud Dad carefully descended the grand staircase before making their way to the ceremony.  It was a lovely service with an emotional reading from Selina.  The vows and declarations were made and the deal sealed with their first kiss and cheeky little squeeze of Mary’s bum from her new husband. As I said before our newly weds very bravely faced the elements for us to capture some photographs but we were all soon back in the warmth of Moxhull Hall to carry on the celebrations with family and friends.  As always we finished off with a few pictures with their gorgeous cake in the marquee before saying our goodbyes.  It really had been a wonderful wedding.  Mary & Lee were a wonderful couple to photograph and it was a great pleasure to share their happy day with them.  Here’s to a very long and happy life together and thank you for choosing us to photograph your very special wedding.

A big thank you to Andreas and all his team at Moxhull Hall for all their hard work.  A pleasure as always xx