Paul & Wayne

On Friday 8th November 2013 Paul & Wayne were married in a beautiful Civil Partnership at Wychavon Civic Centre in Pershore and then went on to celebrate in style at Gupshill Manor in Tewksbury.  As you know I love all my weddings but this one was particularly special to me and my Dad, mainly because Paul is my cousin but also because it was our first Civil Partnership Wedding and I love a new challenge.  Now Paul and Wayne had only one major ask and that was FUN!!!!! So fun is what we definately had.

Paul and Wayne first met on the Cruise Ships back in 2005.  Paul was working on P&O’s Oceana as a singer/entertainer and Wayne was singing with Bucks Fizz…. Yes I did say Bucks Fizz… THE BUCKS FIZZ!!!  However Wayne, who used to work on the ships wanted to return to them, and Paul really fancied a change so they swopped jobs, literally.  They kept in touch and it was quite obvious there was a real attraction there.  Unfortunately the time was never right.  Three years later on the 8th June 2008 they met up again for a drink, only this time it really was meant to be.  Other than their jobs sometimes taking them to different corners of the world their relationship stood strong.  It was whilst Wayne was cruising Australia with Celebrity Cruise Lines that he decided to take their relationship to the next level.  Paul came to Sydney to meet Wayne for a holiday and one evening when they were at Sydney Harbour Bridge, after drinking far too much for dutch courage, Wayne popped the question.  A slightly jet lagged and very tipsy Paul couldn’t quite believe his ears.  Paul is a bit of a chatterbox to say the least and after 10 minutes of rabbiting on about engagements and weddings etc,  Wayne managed to get a word in edgeways…. “So is that a yes then Paul?” he said and of course it was.  He handed Paul a Tiffany Ring and the rest, as they say, is history.  Wayne and Paul since have both moved back to the UK and have been performing & touring with a band they are  both part of ‘Beautiful World’ and the wedding  kind of went on hold.  It was a lovely surprise when they finally announced a date to tie the knot and the fun of planning a wedding could eventually begin.

So here we are and finally their big day had arrived.  Paul and Wayne were both like bottles of pop when we arrived.  They were almost ready and the finishing touches, button holes and cufflinks etc were being attended to.   Paul & Wayne were joined by two of their best friends Tammy & Ally.  Together the four of them popped bottle of champagne and started off the celebrations.  Paul & Wayne’s wedding had a Black and White theme all the way through, which looked stunning.  The only hint of colour was the occasional hint of yellow in the flowers and the cake etc.  It looked amazing and very striking on the photographs, as you will see.     First of all we went to Gupshill Manor, which is where two stretch hummer limos were waiting to pick us all up to take us to the ceremony.  Before we went we managed to take some great photographs of the family & friends.  It was a very wet and rainy day but nothing would dampen the spirits of this happy couple.  As you can imagine the Limo journey was lots of fun, with lots of banter, singing and laughter.  When we arrived at Wychavon Civic Centre everyone took their seats and waited for Paul and Wayne.  It was a very small group of people, just 18 of the happy couples family & friends.  The beauty of this meant it was a very intimate and moving ceremony.  Paul & Wayne walked down the ailse together hand in hand to the beautiful song ‘ No Day But Today’ and it wasn’t long until there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  The tears started from Wayne as he said his vows to Paul.  Within  minutes everyone was crying….. even the registrar,  it really was moving.  They said their vows, exchanged their rings and finally had their first kiss and Husband and Husband.  The paperwork was signed and witnessed by Paul’s brother Tom and Wayne’s brother Lee and at last our happy couple took their first steps together as a married couple.   We took some great photographs at both Wychavon and Gupshill Manor but what I was really chuffed about was that the rain finally stopped and we managed to get some great photographs whilst watching the most beautiful of sunsets.  Paul, Wayne, family and friends then celebrated with a wonderful meal before partying the night away with many many other guests. Paul & Wayne both made a joint speech before cutting the wedding cake.  The cake was made by Wayne’s Uncle Patrick,  he did a fantastic job, and then even though they said they wouldn’t Paul & Wayne were slightly pushed into dancing their first dance together.  We were all treated to a fantastic cabaret with live music from a tribute act called “Take a chance on Queen”, a combination of Abba and Queen which really got everyone dancing their socks off.  We finished off our photographs with some sparkler fun…. a fantastic end to an amazing day.   I think everyone will agree with me when I say it really was a wonderful wedding and we all enjoyed every single minute of it.  🙂

Huge congratulations Paul & Wayne, We wish a very long and very happy life together.  The happy couple are honeymooning very soon, but haven’t decided where yet…. watch this space 😉

A big thank you to Gupshill Manor for all their hard work in making Paul & Waynes wedding so special.  Also thanks to Lyn (Paul’s Mum) for making the ties, To Wendy (Paul’s Aunty)  for the stationary and to both for the room decortaions, To Uncle Patrick for the cake,  To Neil & Penny (Paul’s Uncle & Aunty) for the Candle Arbours, Cloud 9 for the Limos, Hands Havercamp for the Button Holes.