Louise & Terry ~ Shustoke Farm Barns

Louise & Terry had the most glorious day for their wedding on the 14th December 2018.  Beautiful crisp winter sunshine, low and bright in the sky, and super cold.

The day started with me visiting Louise and her entourage as they finished getting ready for the big day.  The room was alive with the hustle and bustle of a wedding day.  The bubbles were flowing and Louise’s stunning gown hung in the room.  It was so elegant and I couldn’t wait to see her in it.  As the Bridesmaids and flower girls ran around painting each others nails and making sure Louise was enjoying her pampering I set about my work. Louise and Terry both told me they weren’t really very comfortable infront of the camera and wanted lots of natural photographs, which was a breeze with these beauties.  With the ladies dressed and ready to go it was time for me to run over to Shustoke Farm Barns where the wedding was taking place to meet Terry and his 3 Best Men. The lads looked fabulous in their suits and were doing a great job of keeping Terry calm with all their banter.  I knew within 5 minutes that we were going to have a marvellous time with this lot.  The barn looked stunning as always, warm and inviting on such a cold day.   It wasn’t long before Louise, her bridesmaids, flowergirls and ushers all arrived together and we were almost ready to go.  Louise’s son had the great honour of giving his Mum away, and she beamed with pride as they made their way down the aisle.  It was a lovely ceremony held by one of my favourite registrars, Thea, who had the happy couple relaxing and giggling in no time.  The vows and declerations were made, rings exchanged and Louise and Terry shared their first kiss.  We had 2 great readings, the registers were signed and the newly weds happily led everyone outside into the courtyard for the celebrations to begin.  We took a big group photograph of everyone to begin with and then let everyone stay inside in the warm whilst we took advantage of the last of the daylight with the Bride & Groom.  Being late in the day and almost the shortest day of the year we were racing against the clock with the daylight fading quickly.  We took Louise & Terry around the grounds of Shustoke and captured some beautiful photographs, especially when the sun got to that perfect position in the sky enabling us to get some amazing sunset shots.  Mindful that Louise was going to be getting very cold we went back inside the warmth of the barn to photograph our groups.  With the formalities all done it was time for everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast, a table just for Louise, Terry & Louise’s son and daughter was at the centre of the room and huge balloons decorated the barn, Beautiful.  After everyone’s bellies were full, and the magician had worked the room with his magic it was time for “The Speeches”  There were quite a few speeches, one from each Best Man, Terry and then Louise’s girlfriends.  All of which had us with aching sides. Whilst the room was being turned around for the evening do we ventured back outside for some sparkler fun and a few more pictures of our happy couple under the twinkly lights.  Louise and Terry didn’t want a first dance so instead everyone joined them on the dance floor as Apollo Gold kicked off the party.  It had been a truly wonderful day which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you Louise & Terry for asking us to photograph your very special day, we wish you a long and very happy life together ~ Sally & Dave

A big thank you to all the staff at Shustoke Farm Barns for another beautiful wedding.