Leanne & James ~ Hagley Golf & Country Club

Leanne & James were married on the 2nd May 2019 in a beautiful ceremony at Priory Hall and then celebrated their marriage at Hagley Golf & Country Club. Have a look below at the fun we all had on their very special day in a small selection of my favourite photographs.  (A short write up follows after the images)


It was a wet old day on Thursday 2nd May 2019 but everything was bright and airy when I met Leanne at her parents home.  Leanne was finishing off her make up when I arrived so I went upstairs to the dressing room to photograph her beautiful dress.  Meanwhile downstairs her Dad along with her Sister in Law (Bridesmaid) were busy getting Leanne and James’s 2 Daughters, Neice and Nephew ready for the big day. They looked so adorable and I wondered if they might possibly steal the show 😉   At last it was time for her Mum to help Leanne into her own beautiful gown.  She looked beautiful and I couldn’t wait for James to see her 🙂  I then went to meet James at Priory Hall.  Like most Grooms he was very nervous as he waited for the wedding but his Bestman (Leanne’s Brother) did a great job of keeping him calm.  Guests arrived under umbrella’s and quickly took to their seats.  Thankfully there was a break in the weather just as Leanne and her very proud Dad arrived.  They both grinned from ear to ear as they climbed from the car.  At last it was wedding time.  It was a lovely ceremony with a reading from Leanne’s Nan.  The vows and declarations were made, rings exchanged and the new Mr & Mrs Rogers stole their first cheeky kiss as husband and wife.  After the registers were signed the newlyweds walked back down the ailse to start the celebrations.  The weather, however, had taken a turn for the worse with torrential rain.  Luckily we were the last wedding of the day so the staff at Priory Hall allowed us time to photograph our groups inside, which looked great.  After the formalities were over there was a break in the rain, giving us just enough time to photograph the confetti.  We then all made our way to Hagley Golf & Country Club.  Everyone was enjoying a welcome drink when suddenly the rain clouds parted and the sunshine made an appearance.  Like kids at Christmas we raced outside to take some more intimate photographs of the happy couple before the rain came back… but it didn’t and we managed to grab some stunning pictures, I was so happy for them.  It was soon time for the Speeches and the Wedding Breakfast.  Dad kicked off with one of the best Father of the Bride speeches ever.  He SANG it ♥  It was called ‘I Loved her First’ By Heartland, the words were so personal to him, he said they could have been written just for Leanne… it was fabulous and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  James then followed with another wonderful speech,  he presented his new wife with an Aston Villa shirt which was a rather funny moment, with Leanne’s Dad being a Blues fan and her Brother a Baggies fan… as for Leanne…. I guess you will have to be a Villa fan now haha!  Finally her brother took to the mike with his speech which had us all giggling away with aching sides, mainly at James’s expense.  Before the evening guests arrived we saw that the sun was setting & sky was the most beautiful colour so we raced back outside just for a few more pictures, some of these are some of my absolute favourites of the day.  Finally it was time to cut the cake and for Leanne & James to take to the floor for the first dance.  Everyone kicked off their shoes and joined them, with the party in full swing when I left.  Regardless of the weather nothing would dampen the spirits of this happy couple and we really did have a wonderful time.  Thank you Leanne & James for asking me to photograph your very special day, I wish you both a very long and happy life together ~ Sally xx

A big thank you to the staff at Priory Hall, it was a pleasure to be back and to the staff at Hagley Golf and Country Club, a first for me, it was lovely meeting and working with you all