Freyasoula & Lee ~ The Electric Cinema

On Sunday 21st July 2019 I had the great honour of photographing my dear friend Soula‘s wedding to her Prince Charming Lee.  Soula and I met over 10 years ago through our childrens love of Musical Theatre and I was over the moon when she asked me to be not only be a guest but also play such a big a part of their amazing day, especially as Soula is the most camera shy person I have ever met and HATES having her picture taken 😉 So finally the wedding day came and in good old Soula style it did not disappoint. We started off the celebrations with the ceremony which was conducted at the oldest cinema in the UK The Electric Cinema in Birmingham.  It was a wedding like no other I have ever photographed. Lee arrived nervously with his daughter, followed shortly by his Bestman.  They all did a great job of keeping him calm as he waited for his beautiful Bride.  Soula arrived a little later with her 2 sons and was given away by her very proud Dad.  There were films, popcorn, ice cream, singers, dancers, a magician and even an owl flying in the wedding rings!!!  The vows and declerations were made, rings exchanged and the deal sealed with a cheeky kiss.   After all that excitement the reception was held at Cherry Reds on John Bright St. where the singing and dancing carried on, even spilling out into the street.  Being Greek Soula (and Lee) wanted to incorporate some of her heritage and traditions.  We all enjoyed the music from the Bouzouki player, the dancing and of course the infamous ‘Money Dance’.  Mr and Mrs Windley it was a fabulous day, Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it,  Emmy and I enjoyed every minute.  Here’s to a long and very happy life together ~ Sally xx